Radermachera sinica

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Radermachera sinica, commonly known as the China Doll Plant or Serpent Tree, is a beautiful and popular houseplant native to the subtropical regions of Southeast Asia, particularly China and Taiwan. It is a member of the Bignoniaceae family. The luxuriant and beautiful foliage of Radermachera Sinica makes it a popular option among collectors and fans of houseplants.



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Radermachera Sinica, also referred to as the Serpent Tree or China Doll Plant, is a stunning and well-liked houseplant that is indigenous to Southeast Asia’s subtropical regions, namely China and Taiwan. It belongs to the Bignoniaceae family.

Care of Radermachera sinica:

Lighting Requirements: 

Direct light is not enough for Radermachera Sinica; indirect light is ideal. Its delicate leaves are susceptible to scorching, so keep it out of direct sunshine.

Humidity and temperature: 

The China doll plant does best in warmer climates with a little more humidity. Exposure to cold and dryness could be detrimental to it.


You must water your plants frequently to keep the soil moist but not soggy if you want them to flourish. Wait until the top inch of soil has dried before watering again. The roots may decay if you water them too much.

Soil and Fertilizer:

Plant Radermachera Sinica in potting soil that drains well and fertilizes as needed. To encourage robust development, water it regularly throughout the growing season using a balanced liquid fertilizer.


To keep a bushy and compact structure, regular trimming is necessary. If you want your plants to branch out, pinch their growth tips.


A stem cutting obtained while the China Doll Plant is in bloom is the best way to propagate it.

Things that Radermachera Sinica is known for:

Outward Look: 

This radermachera plant, known as the China Doll Plant, is tiny and bushy with glossy dark green leaves that are delicately divided into little, smaller leaflets. The pinnate arrangement of the leaflets gives the plant a delicate and graceful look.


1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) is the usual range for a Raderamchera indoor-grown China doll plant. With regular trimming, it may be kept in a more compact form, making it ideal for areas with limited space.

Growth Habit:

Rastermachera Sinica plant is a great houseplant or office plant because of its dense and upright growing habit.

The luxuriant and beautiful foliage of Radermachera Sinica makes it a popular option among collectors and fans of houseplants. It adds a touch of sophistication and greenery, making indoor spaces feel cozier and more energizing. A stunning houseplant, the China Doll Plant may thrive in any setting that has adequate humidity, light, and water with the correct care.

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Radermachera sinica
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