Climbers and Vines

Our collection shows plants that climb or hang. We include types like vine plants and climbing plants for fences. Our range features evergreen climbers that stay green all year.

Climbing Plants

These plants add height and beauty. They’re great for fences and walls. The Antigonon-Coral Vine is one of our favorites. It needs moderate water and likes bright light.

Vine Plants

Vine plants fit well both inside and outside. They can hang or climb up. Jacquemontia is a top pick. It grows best with regular water and some to full sun.

Evergreen Climbing Plants

Our evergreen climbers keep their color all year. They love the sun and weekly watering. They make fences and walls look green.

Flowering Vine Plants

These bring colors and life. The Tristellateia shines with bright flowers. It enjoys weekly watering and lots of sun.

Purple Flower Vine Plant

Our vine with purple flowers is unique. It likes bright, indirect light and regular watering.

Indoor Vine Plants

Great for the inside, these need less light. Water them when the soil is dry.

Care Tips

Water when the soil is dry. Check weekly. Most prefer bright light; some like shade.

Find beautiful climbers and vines with us. They’re easy to care for and add charm to any space.

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