Baldia Samad (Manure) 25kg Bag

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Municipality Organic Fertilizer “Sewage Manure” serves as an excellent fertilizer to improve soil properties.

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What is it?

Dubai Municipality Organic Fertilizer (“Sewage Manure”) is a high-quality soil amendment made from treated sewage. It provides essential nutrients and improves soil structure.


  • Enhances soil fertility
  • Promotes healthy plant growth
  • Recycles valuable resources
  • Cost-effective alternative to commercial fertilizer

Application Guidelines

Plant Type Quantity
Large Trees 5-10 kg/tree
Small Trees 3-5 kg/tree
Garden Plants 1-2 kg/square meter

**Note:** Mix fertilizer with soil before planting.

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Baldia Samad (Manure) 25kg Bag
38.00 د.إ