Livistonia Palm 80 – 90cm

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Livistonia is a genus of palms that includes several species of attractive and popular ornamental plants. Several varieties of the palm genus Livistonia are quite popular as houseplants due to their beauty. Livistona chinensis, or the Chinese fan palm, is the most famous member of this family. Its adaptability to many environments and tropical look make it a popular plant for cultivation.

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Traits of Livistona chinensis


A medium-sized palm tree, the Chinese Fan Palm can grow to a height of 6–15 meters (20–50 feet) and has a single, narrow trunk. The pattern created by the old leaf bases covering the trunk is both unusual and appealing. Big, fan-shaped leaves with deeply separated segments make up the palm’s crown. The glossy, verdant foliage can reach a maximum diameter of 1.5 meters (5 ft).

Growth rate: 

Chinese fan palms, when given the right circumstances, can develop at a moderate to rapid pace.

Cold tolerance:

Unlike many other tropical palms, this one can withstand cold temperatures. Once established, it can withstand temperatures as low as -6°C to -9°C (20°F to 15°F), making it a good fit for mild temperate areas.

Landscape use:

In tropical and subtropical areas, Livistona chinensis is often used as a landscape plant. It thrives in outdoor settings like parks and gardens as well as more enclosed ones like patios and conservatories.


Once established, Chinese Fan Palms require little in the way of upkeep. Water them frequently, particularly when the weather is dry, and make sure the soil drains well. In most cases, pruning is reserved for removing diseased or broken fronds.

Pest and Disease Resistance:

While scale insects and leaf spot illnesses are rare occurrences, Chinese fan palms are typically resistant to other common palm pests and diseases.

Landscape and Indoor use:

Livistona Palms are beautiful and flexible, making them a great option for indoor and outdoor settings with a variety of design themes, such as tropical, coastal, or Asian-inspired gardens. When given the proper conditions, it can also thrive as an indoor palm.

Street trees and group plantings of Chinese fan palms are common ways to give gardens a tropical feel. Many gardeners and landscapers use them when they want to bring a tropical feel to their spaces because of their tenacity, cold hardiness, and lush appearance.

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Livistonia Palm 80 – 90cm
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